Chef Peppe Guida

My adventure begins, by chance, at the… Bermuda. I accidentally found myself in the kitchen, probably because I was hungry!

After high school Peppe started to work at various hotels and restaurants on the Sorrentine & Amalfi Coast. Not much later, while in Bermuda he introduced an ancient recipe of his mother Rosa, pasta with beans. It was such a success that Peppe instantly knew that he would always keep thew simple flavors of the Sorrentine Peninsula in his heart and kitchen.

Upon his return to Sorrento he wanted to share the traditions and the memories of cooking with his mom.

He learned the stories behind the classic dishes and updated them with a contemporary flair.
I have listened to the stories behind each recipe, I have studied them, I have lightened them and made them modern.

Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa

is opened in 1994

Originally it served simple and take-away dishes. Over time it has transformed into an elegant and refined place and thanks to the kindness and hospitality of the Chef and his family you feel at home.

The Michelin Star

arrives in 2007

Thanks to talent, ambition and continuous study, his restaurant has grown and evolved into a restaurant of ancestral and modern cuisine: simple but with a lot of research and technique behind it. It soon began to attract “foodies” from all over Italy and abroad.

A huge satisfaction for a self-taught!


is my big passion.

“There has always been a feeling between me and pasta, I know when it’s ready because I look at it and she talks to me”

Villa Rosa, La casa di Lella

In 2010 he buys a ruin with almost 1 hectare of land where he can finally grow his vegetable garden, his fruit, his olive trees.
It is a dream come true: a farm from which to obtain everything you need for your restaurant.

Over time it has been transformed into a small and comfortable B&B, with great attention to detail, and into a traditional Campania restaurant, elegant in its simplicity.