Peppe Guida

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"Hands in the earth and eyes towards the sea"

It became my philosophy of life in the kitchen. Proudly self-taught, I try to combine the highest cuisine with the simplicity of recipes inspired by tradition, perfectly represented in my two restaurants:
Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa, 1 Michelin star, and Villa Rosa La casa di Lella.


He has a long collaboration with Gambero Rosso, they have published four books: “Questa Terra è La mia Terra“, “Le Ricette di Casa Mia” “Del pane non butto via niente” e “Il mio mondo vegetale”.

Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa
1 Michelin star

Elegant and refined, the 1 Michelin star Osteria keeps the memory of what it was: a welcoming, warm and familiar home where I was born and raised. My original and creative cuisine is faithful to the Campania tradition and its products, mostly coming from my farm in Montechiaro.


Peppe Guida

I want to accompany you on the most beautiful gastronomic journey through the soul of Italy: food, the real and authentic one. Food inspired by the women of my family, starting with Nonna Rosa, mother and inspiring muse, up to you.

Villa Rosa – La casa di Lella

Winter closing, see you in spring 2022

It is the place where silence and breathtaking nature meet.
The place where the authentic charm of a country villa is preserved thanks to the careful attention to every detail.
A place where we pamper our guests

Video recipes
Live from Montechiaro

How are you? Everything’s ok? It’s the way I start every live show, I like to know how you are and tell you how I am before we start.
Every friday you can follow me on Facebook live, or you can watch all the episodes on my YouTube channel.
Thanks also to this my daughter Rossella, all my collaborators and I, have already won the award for the best digital communication for Gambero Rosso.

The Shop
My land in our dishes

All products on sale on our shop online are made with 100% Italian raw products. Tomatoes, vegetables, oil, jam…everything come from our organic kitchen garden. All baked products are made by my son Francesco, our family pastry chef, under my supervision. You will eat what I eat every day

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